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The opening of the university in Indonesia

Arabian University For Science & Technology

The opening of the university in Indonesia

26 December 5:10 pm

The opening of the Arabian University for Science and Technology, or according to the approved language Indonesian name


In Indonesia, after approval by the relevant officials that have been attended and expressed their hope that the civil and private universities become compete with state universities in Indonesia and abroad for the interests of the country, stressing on the continuation of the government's encouragement of private education and private calling for special education interesting rare specialties needed in the business market. .

For his part, Chairman of the Board expressed his thoghts about the goals and the ideas that came for the university and future plans, which include the emphasis on the Arab cultural identity authentic Muslim, He also stressed that the Arab University for Science and Technology certificate is recognized and supported by the Ministry of Higher Education, Indonesia, and added that the Arab Universities and thire is a linked agreements cooperation and coordination with the Arab and international universities, including coordination with Arab and foreign universities in the curricula and certification in the field of scientific research and development and to participate in seminars and panel discussions