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Study Requirments

Arabian University For Science & Technology

Study Requirments

1 November 1:07 am

1 - University requirements.

It includes the courses that all students enrolled in all colleges of the university must study And success in it and allocated (24) credit hours as follows.

Decision The number of hours
Islamic culture 3
Arabic 3
English (1) 3
English Language (2) 3
Introduction to computers 3
computer applications 3
Scientific research methods and graduation project 3

2- College Requirements.

It includes compulsory and elective courses that all students enrolled in the relevant college must study and succeed in.

3- Department requirements (specialization).

It includes all the necessary courses to study in a specific discipline and all students enrolled in this discipline must study and succeed in it.

4- Duration of study and academic load.

The period of study for obtaining a university degree for a bachelor’s degree as well as a diploma in all colleges of the university in accordance with the accredited scientific specialty.