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Arabian University For Science & Technology


6 November 11:51 pm

According to the statute of the Arabian University in Indonesia and regulations of the Organization to achieve the desired goals of the university and on the principle of linking Applied Sciences in business market, various production and institutions of the university felt that contribute to the provision of quality education to serve the development process in the Arabian countries and from this point of the university to open graduate degree-granting in order to:

  1. encourage the students of university graduates to pursue higher educational attainment As an initial step to grant master's degree in the areas of administrative and accounting sciences, marketing, science and banking rights (in the law - a special law) and English with a view to contributing effectively to meet the needs and requirements of economic and social development plans in the country.
  2. To keep up with the movement of the continuous development of the country and at an accelerating pace and effective, and the need to interact with the ongoing developments in the modern world and its impact mutual requirements with the reality of Yemen and the Arab world in all directions life.
  3. optimizing the capabilities and capacities of the Yemeni high scientific qualifications and experience teaching staff (teaching).
  4. disciplines that are currently adopted at the Arabian University for Science and Technology: -
  • Graduate is (College of Business and Banking Sciences Department collects specialties and specialization in the Faculty of Law and the Law of Private Law and the Faculty of Languages ??and Humanities specialization English Literature).