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Arabian University For Science & Technology


7 November 12:10 am

1.Student Services Center:

 Contributes to student services center to complete the educational mission by providing the student, including while studying needed to complete advantage of the lectures as the center works to provide books and periodicals as references process required vocabulary courses.

2.adarh alumni affairs:

And handle all the procedures students graduated from the university and the granting of graduation certificates and the preparation of statements and models so special, review and compliance with the required forms from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

3.adarh public relations:

This administration holds the functions and activities of communication with third parties as well as the reception and farewell to students and help students complete their transactions outside the university framework and preparation of the activities and events organized by the university and student publications and bulletins.

4.adarh Financial Affairs:

It specializes in the completion of all financial transactions that relate to students as payment of registration fees and tuition and fees for the extraction of various documents and other financial obligations.

5.Department of Student Activities:

It handles departments more closely where the student shall carry out all administrative tasks and procedures regarding student at the university, such as issuing certificates of registration and Bataiq statement the case and save data and records for students.

6.Student Counseling Management:

And follow up the conditions of the students and their behavior and provide advice and tips scientific, social and psychological guidance and work hard to establish a positive relationship between the university students, which ensures the provision of Mlaih climate for innovation and scientific Altnmes.


And take all necessary measures for the registration of students in the university and the preparation of various statistics and preparing lectures schedule and announce the names of admitted students and other tasks related to the admission and registration procedures.