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study fees

Arabian University For Science & Technology

study fees

7 November 12:04 am
  1. Admission fees (for the newcomers).
  2. tuition fees per academic year.
  3. Activities Fees include:
    * University card fees.
    * Examination fees for two semesters.
    * Lab subscription fees for two semesters.
  4. Other fees include:
    * Tropes from the library.
    * The role of the second exam.
    * Grievance Fee.
    * Registration certificate (to interested students accommodation it ... etc)
    * graduation certificate .
    * Quarterly estimates certificate.
    * Additional Subjects (subject at a rate in excess of the one-class subjects for graduate students).
    * Stop limitation.
    * Drag file.
    * Shift between faculties or departments.
    * Other.

Important note:

The branches or the center of the Arabian University for Science and Technology centers vary in the financial instructions to fees and reimbursement mechanisms of different regions and cities.


Pay the fees:

  1. The payment of registration and acceptance of new students fees will be only once and it may not be installments and it's non-refundable.
  2. Tuition fees can be paid in two installments on the following period:
    * The first installment payable with admission and registration fees.
    * The second installment paid in the first week of the start of the study in the second quarter.
  3. No student allowed to enter the exam unless striking of all fees due during the semester.
  4. Tuition fees are not refundable after one month from the date of registration.
  5. the Tuition fees of particular student it's not Switchable to another student for whatever reasons, Also it's not be diverted to any other fees.
  6. There are no tuition fees in the case of a student disciplinary separation from the university.
  7. In the case of a student fails to register his subjects without limitation, the student will be owen to the university all contribution fees.
  8. In the case of recording less subjects than the prescribed for the student in the plan, the student will pays the full chapter fees.