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Admission requirements

Arabian University For Science & Technology

Admission requirements

6 November 11:54 pm
  1. Applicants should have obtained a university degree (BA or BS) or postgraduate diploma from a recognized university with a grade of certification at least "good grade" is no less appreciated in specialized subjects "very good grate".
  2. Applicants should have obtained a certificate of competence in English (TOEFL) from the university or any party recognized by the university.
  3. Applicants most be passd successfully in all required tests, which determines the level of competent scientific section .
  4. A competent department can accept a student in the master's stage pass a number of complementary subjects from an earlier stage in a period not over than two semesters, taking into account the following:
    a.number of complementary distances not more than three distances.
    b.the student must have passed the supplementary subjects at a rate of not less than "good grade".
    c.does not count the length of time to pass the supplementary subjects within the period specified for Degree (Master - PhD).
    d.The Registration in the program will be only after passing the supplementary Subhects that been accredited.

Special conditions for the Master:

  1. At least most be pass two years after the last qualification (BA or BS) or get a diploma in the field of jurisdiction.
  2. The nature of his work most be relevant to the field of his specialty, or the fact that the school had spent at work for at least two years in the field of scientific specialization.
  3. Preferably versions of him or literature or unpublished researchs.
  4. Students pass exams in their respective fields.
  5. advanced research is subject to arbitration (120-150) Page (30.000-37.500) words during the year and a half from the date of formal acceptance.
  6. The University has the right of canceling the registration of the student in the case of failing or uncomply with the conditions of the study.

Special conditions for PhD:

  1. get a master's degree and diploma equivalent to a master's degree.
  2. have a publication in refereed journals in their respective fields at least twice (provide copy).
  3. Most be Pass the oral examinations and editorial scheduled next to his success in specialty subjects.
  4. advanced research subject of the public (250-300) page for discussion of (62.500 to 75.000) speech during the two years of formal registration.
  5. written at least two articles in the field of competence of the student for publication in an academic journal.