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University Message

Arabian University For Science & Technology

University Message

6 November 11:25 pm

university message

At the beginning of our mission, we welcome all of our children, students of the Arabian University of science and technology and all the visitors to our web site on the internet where you all find it useful and full of useful information if God will.

Our mission includes permanent and sincere commitment to the development of Arab human resources that serve the education field in particular and the Arab economy in general, as is the Arabian University for science and technology education center leading on the national level and the Arab service of education and training, research and publishing. And the Arabian University for Science and Technology is one of the joint Arabian institutions and which is characterized by a climate of education and co-operation is vital Gate between students and trainees, professors, experts and practitioners from all the Arab countries who interact together in a wealthy conducive environment in the spirit of cooperation and assistance, and the success of the student and the trainee is our priority major.

Faculties of our university is seeking all internal and external branches to achieve lasting excellence in various fields of education, research and the preservation of our outstanding at the Arab and international levels as a university of the first world-class that capable of enriching the Arab and international community to research and distinctive competencies of its graduates, and that these colleges provide scientific and cultural rich and varied experience check to a student and trainee scientific ambition in the future. We believe in dialogue open and serious discussion between students and professors and experts in order to reach a deeper understanding of the peculiarities of Arab Islamic university industry.

We are proud of our students and faculty and employees their supporters Everybody aims to make our mission a reality.

In addition, all departments of the university in all its branches to effectively contribute to the definition of the identity of the university and to achieve cooperation with friendly and brotherly and universities to strengthen the leading role on the Arab and international levels.

Our great honor to welcome you again in our university and we wish you success as students and trainees and beneficiaries of diverse scientific services time and you will discover quickly that our university is really "the University of all the Arabs"


Greetings and wish you good luck and success

Board of Trustees