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Admission and study rules

Arabian University For Science & Technology

Admission and study rules

29 May 8:45 pm

The Study Acceptance Rulls in the university is the most important link in the organization between the student and the university through their commitment to the implementation of the general conditions of acceptance for Yemenis and Residents.

General Conditions of Acceptance:

  1. The student must have obtained a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  2. be GCSE or equivalent type suitable for the required enrollment rates, according to specialize (grades applicable).
  3. The student progresses in specific accept appointments.
  4. The student's specific to accept appointments.
  5. The student pays tuition fees is a debtor to pay fees unless otherwise notified in writing and in time to stop the restriction by the regulations and the regulations governing it.

For students arrivals conditions:

  1. Compliance with general conditions for accepting requires incoming students the availability of the following:
  2. Must have a valid passport during his studies at the university.
  3. complying with all regulations and procedures in force in the Republic of Yemen on arrivals from Arabs and foreigners.
  4. to attend the approval of the competent authority (eg embassy in Yemen).
  5. Have a formal residence ID.