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Study rules and requirements

Arabian University For Science & Technology

Study rules and requirements

7 November 12:05 am

School system in the Arab League to float and technology is the semester system (Chapter I and Chapter II Optional summer semester) In light of this system of courses comprising a number of components, namely:

  1. University Requirements include courses that must be on all students enrolled in all faculties of the university study and where success and her specialty (24) credit hours as follows Scheduled:
    The number of hours The Subjects
    3 Islamic culture
    3 Arabic
    3 English 101
    3 English 102
    3 Introduction to Computer Science
    3 computer applications
    6 Methods of scientific research and graduation project
  2. College Requirements: These include compulsory courses that must be on all students enrolled in the college concerned to study and success in it.
  3. The requirements of section (specialization): Includes all necessary to study courses in a particular specialty, and must at all students enrolled in this study and specialization where success.
  4. The period of study and academic load: The duration of the study to obtain a college degree of Bachelor, as well as a diploma in all faculties of the university is determined in accordance with the approved scientific specialization.