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Arabian University For Science & Technology


7 November 12:06 am

Any student who withdrew from the university the have the right to apply for re-acceptance in condition of providing and completing the admission procedures, registration and payments of the prescribed fee and also after the approval of the Dean specialist and president of the university concedering his background, good biography and good behavior while he was at the university before retiring in accordance with the following conditions:

  1. The student should submit a written request to the Dean in a period not more than two weeks from the beginning of the school year.
  2. The student should meet the conditions for joining the Scientific department that he wants.
  3. The admissions process will Continue only after the approval of the Dean and the president of the university on the recommendation of the competent head of the scientific department, which the student wishes to join.
  4. the student accordingly in time in case of the approval of all departments.